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Test Delivery
Whether you are searching for a nationwide network of secure testing sites, the convenience of offering an exam in the workplace, or standardized paper-pencil administrations, AMP’s variety of test delivery options can provide your candidates with an easily accessible and quality testing experience.

Computer-Based Testing
AMP’s Assessment Center Network consists of approximately 200 assessment centers across the United States. The Network serves the top 175 metropolitan service areas within a short drive, as well as many rural areas. All Network locations are solely dedicated to testing only AMP candidates and provide a secure, proctored environment. The Network has been operating flawlessly since January 2000, and we’ve tested more than one million candidates with a high rate of customer satisfaction.

Mobile CBT
We can create a secure virtual test center in almost any location, such as a conference, business or remote location. AMP’s Mobile CBT units, consisting of lightweight notebook computers, digital cameras, fingerprint capture devices, full size mouse, printer and a secure server, can be shipped safely anywhere in the United States. This testing option is built on the same platform as our Network and provides candidates with a convenient and standardized testing environment while trained AMP proctors follow all standard test administration procedures, from check-in and verification of identity to monitoring candidates throughout the examination.

International Testing
AMP has also established a secure web-based network of international sites to supplement our national network. With more than 80 sites across 18 countries, our international network offers the ability to expand your program around the globe.

Web-Based Testing and Self Assessment Examinations
Web-based testing has a variety of applications and allows candidates to test from any computer with an appropriate internet connection. Web-based exams, practice tests, and self-assessments allow the flexibility for candidates to test on their schedule 24\7, at work or at home. Web-based examinations are hosted on AMP's secure servers and can be made available for purchase through AMP's online store.

Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs) provide candidates with the chance to practice the test in a stress free environment and receive valuable feedback regarding their performance. SAEs also generate an additional revenue source for the organization. Ordering an examination through our store is easy, with online credit card payment and e-mail confirmation provided within minutes. You determine eligibility criteria, restart options and timing to customize a program that meets your individual needs.

Paper and Pencil Testing
AMP also administers secure, proctored paper and pencil examinations to more than 100,000 individuals each year. This testing option is available at more than 100 locations established in universities and colleges nationwide, as well as various international locations. Since all of our testing programs and software are integrated, even those organizations that elect to administer their exams in a CBT or web-based modality can still easily organize a paper and pencil test administration at conferences or other special events.​​​​​