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Technology that Works
AMP is dedicated to utilizing the best software, equipment, and security features available - not only for our own business processes, but also for our clients’ specific needs. From comprehensive test development and administration software to complex data tracking systems, we have built our business around equipment and technology that works.

Executive Office Security
Most client support takes place at our secure executive office in the Kansas City area. AMP's Executive Office is protected by a 24-hour security magnetic card entry system and 24x7x360° video surveillance and monitoring. However, we also employ numerous redundant communication network subsystems and co-location data storage requirements that ensure the integrity of all information even in the event of a power failure or natural disaster. This includes dual computing facilities in Kansas and our Technology Division in South Carolina.

From test development to test delivery, AMP safeguards client data throughout all work processes. Computer programs containing sensitive information are protected with strict authentication policies and event logging. Item pools, test files and scoring keys will be maintained on AMP’s proprietary computer banking and analysis programs. Special coding limits access to any client’s item pool or exam forms to only the necessary staff members. Staff computers are also protected by current DOD-approved operating systems in conjunction with local and external firewalls.

Notebook computers used by AMP staff feature biometric identification for access and incorporate tracking software which can identify their locations and enable remote “wiping” of the hard drive. All sensitive data transported mechanically or electronically outside of our internal secure network is encrypted through certified-secure tunnels or using high strength biometric measures. VPN access to AMP’s systems is limited to key staff and authority is certified annually.

AMP Assessment Center Network Technology and Security
AMP Assessment Center Network technology ensures secure examination data transmission. AMP computer-based examinations are delivered to test sites using a state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption technique. Encryption techniques and the fact that data does not permanently reside on computers at the assessment center locations greatly reduces the chance for unauthorized access of information.

To protect the integrity of the programs we serve, technology has become a vital resource in the prevention of cheating and other fraudulent activities. Digital capture of candidate photographs allows for visual confirmation that the correct candidate is sitting for the exam and is also used for verification on score reports. The AMP Biometric Verification System captures and stores a digital image of the candidate’s fingerprint. This image could be used to verify a candidate’s identity if there was ever a question as to who attempted an examination.

Assessment Center Network Command and Control Center
Our Assessment Center Network Command and Control Center (ACN-CCS) is unmatched in the industry. From our corporate headquarters we monitor and analyze feedback regarding more than 100 conditions at all our national assessment center network locations. The ACN-CCS also monitors online scheduling rates, examinee volume trends, examinee satisfaction levels and test site capacity and utilization. This tool allows us to run our network proactively and ensure the most convenient service to clients and their candidates.