AMP Testing Services
Testing Services
Candidate Support Center
AMP’s Candidate Support Center is available by toll-free telephone six days a week to assist candidates with questions or scheduling needs. Our call center is located in-house at our corporate headquarters in the Kansas City area, and a team of call center staff are specifically trained on each client program. All staff have access to an intranet application with all detailed program information available at the click of a mouse, to quickly and accurately answer candidate questions. Our location in the Central Time Zone ensures that we provide convenient service to candidates across the US.

Application Processing
Our Examination Services department has more than 40 years experience accurately reviewing and processing examination applications. We can develop and support online or paper-based application processes and verify different types of eligibility. Our experienced staff can manage any application process – from simple to complex.

Electronic Eligibility Database
AMP can also streamline your program’s application process using our Electronic Eligibility Database (EED). The EED allows educators and other authorized individuals to securely transmit graduate data online – decreasing the time needed to determine eligibility. Access to this system allows your organization to monitor the approval process in real time.​​​​​​​