Tadas Dabsys
Executive Vice President, Regulatory Solutions Tadas Dabsys

Tadas joined PSI in 1991 and played an integral role in establishing PSI in the licensure marketplace. Currently, as Executive Vice President, Regulatory Solutions, Tadas is responsible for leading all business development and marketing efforts for the licensure, certification, and employment assessment markets. With over 20 years of experience managing PSI’s growth in these markets, Tadas has managed all segments of PSI, including Operations, Test Development, Information Technology, and Business Development.

Under his leadership, PSI has evolved into the market leader in the Real Estate, Construction/Occupational Trades, Insurance, and Barber & Cosmetology arenas. His efforts have also focused on technological solutions for data and license management. Additionally, Tadas has transformed the testing and registration processes at PSI to incorporate the latest in technology advances, including custom-software development and web-deployed applications.

Tadas routinely serves on industry committees and is an active participant and speaker at national conferences. He is considered a testing industry expert and has presented extensively on examination development, administration and security issues. Tadas has been instrumental in the implementation of several national testing programs.

Before joining PSI, Tadas worked in the Career Counseling Department of DeVry Institute of Technology. Tadas received his Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA, where he focused on motivational and cognitive psychology, as well as human information processing.

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