John Weiner
Chief Science Officer John Weiner

John is responsible for ensuring the technical quality and value of assessment solutions for employment, licensure, and certification assessments. To this end, he provides technical oversight of PSI’s assessment products and practices, advancing the strategic vision of the product roadmap, and providing thought leadership for assessment practice.

In a career spanning over 25 years in the assessment industry, John has led the strategic development and deployment of technically sound and legally defensible products and solutions that have benefited hundreds of organizations in the employment and regulatory markets. Prior to working previously for PSI as a consultant for several years in the 1980’s, John joined PSI in 1998 to lead Products and Services in the employment assessment division. During his tenure with the company, John has led the development of several new assessment product lines and components of the ATLAS® platform. He also developed PSI’s FormCast® method which serves as the engine for licensure and certification test construction and delivery. He directed several major consulting projects that resulted in large-scale testing programs. Before joining PSI, John served as a consultant to the California Commission on Peace Office Standards for over a decade, where he led the development of widely-used assessment tools and standards for selection and certification.

John is an active participant in professional testing organizations (SIOP, NCME, ITC, ATP) and frequently presents at international conferences. He has authored numerous publications on a range of issues in assessment, including a book on Automated Staffing Systems (Blackwell publishing). He serves on advisory boards at two assessment industry firms, and holds a master’s degree in psychology from California State University, Sacramento, specializing in quantitative and industrial psychology.

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