Brett Greenwood
Chief Operating Officer Brett Greenwood

Brett Greenwood, Vice President of Operations, is responsible for managing operations teams for PSI’s market segments. Brett joined PSI in 2002. His responsibilities include the management of existing client relationships, test center operations, supervision of professional field staff, and supervision of several regional offices, including a sixty-seat call center. In addition, Brett is responsible for the development of training materials and administration manuals, and coordination with the Test Development and Information Technology teams at PSI to ensure compatibility of data and reporting functions.

Brett also maintains an advisory and execution role within various PSI task force committees charged with the introduction of prospective process enhancements and miscellaneous corporate initiatives, including the oversight for the design and development of a new integrated voice response System and candidate website.

Before joining PSI, Brett held various positions in customer service and strategic business planning for publicly traded companies in the Internet-based companies. His cross-functional responsibilities included project management, marketing, sales, and accounting. Brett received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA and his MBA from California State University, Northridge.

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